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Hi! I am Rashmi.

I teach people how to create a digital course business.


I have created over 27 digital courses and have over 15,000 students across 142 countries around the globe. These digital products have helped me quit my job and craft my life with freedom to do what I love doing. Now I help people experience the same freedom and design their life on their own terms using the skills they own.

Giving purpose to your skill

I have designed free training programs for you, so that you can get started with your course creation journey. To be able to craft your life of choices, you must give wings to your knowledge and give a meaningful purpose to your skill.


Earn $1000/month in your spare time

The exact 4 simple steps to build an automated online income generating machine


Create a digital course for free

Step by step method to create a digital course (especially if you have never done it before)


Choose a perfect course topic

A scientific method to choose a topic for your first or your next digital course

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Ever wish you knew all the tips and tricks with a clear checklist to follow to create your flagship digital course?

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you tune into Course Creation Made Easy Podcast with your host, 9 to 5er turned Solopreneur, Rashmi. Whether you have an idea or not, you feel handicapped about tech, or you doubt your expertise and capabilities, I will share all my mistakes along my way to multiple courses so you need not repeat them.


I like to keep it simple! So, expect actionable step-by-step processes specially designed to get you results with a lot less stress. Enjoy :)

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If you think you have a skill you can teach or if you know someone who has a skill and can teach, this masterclass is just for you.

Whether it is about taking your business online or upgrading from one-on-one coaching to going global with a digital course, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

You have to decide for yourself before someone else decides for you. I took a lot of time to understand this.


If you want to lead a life of your choices and do only what you love doing and say no to what you don't even want to think about, then my friend, please give yourself a chance without doubting your capabilities, just once!


I have created a FREE Course Creation Masterclass Webinar, to share with you the exact step by step framework that I have used to create 27 digital courses teaching 15000+ students across 142 countries. Click on the button below to book your FREE spot.

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Rashmi Musale I All Rights Reserved.

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